SiteLock is like a House Alarm System

What happens when you forget to close your house door?

The outcome might be devastating as thieves or other ill-intentioned people will take the advantage to break in and steal valuables from your home.

A website without SiteLock is similar to a house without an alarm system! Moreover, since hacking directed to steal your customers’ financial / personal details is usually automated, a website without SiteLock is even MORE VULNERABLE than a house without an alarm system!

Similarities between SiteLock and a house alarm:

A house alarm


  • When a house is installed with an alarm, it will ring / alert the house owner if the door is not closed properly.
  • If SiteLock finds any weakness or vulnerability which exposes the website to hacking in the future, it will alert the website owner via email and SiteLock control panel.
  • With this alert, house owner will need to take action to close and lock the door properly so that it does not give thieves the advantage to break in.
  • With SiteLock, website owner will need to log into SiteLock control panel to fix the vulnerability.
  • There are possibilities that the house owner did not lock the door properly and still there is no break-in. Even if an alarm system is installed, it will not be able to prevent break-ins completely; but it definitely helps to reduce the possibilities. 
  • If website owners follow the instructions to fix vulnerabilities, the possibilities of hacking will reduce significantly. Even if SiteLock is installed, it does NOT guarantee that the website will not be hacked.

SiteLock works wonders in protecting your website and the P&C information of your customers. It ALERTS you whenever your website has vulnerabilities by recommending all the solutions you need to keep the risk of being attacked to the minimum.

Last but not least, it helps to increase your online sales as whenever the sign of SiteLock is spotted on a website, customers know that they can shop with confidence and a piece of mind!

Get SiteLock for your website today!

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