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In the success of a remote team function, robust ICT infrastructure set-up is a pragmatic need and the SMBs must ensure they have the right ICT infrastructure, with the right collaborative tools like Microsoft 365, Trello, Asana and Google Workspace for the same.

One of the biggest requirements for hybrid and remote teams is suitable office productivity solutions like Microsoft 365, which can help in the integration of data, manage business data online, offer team collaboration solutions, and many more. 

In this article, the insights are into front runners of office productivity solutions Microsoft 365, and its relative features. 

1. Configuration and Installations

One of the most effective features in the case of the Microsoft 365 features is the configuration facility integral to the subscription offerings.

The Microsoft 365 features in the enterprise package offer complete control for the admin teams to install the Microsoft 365 office and other integral applications into the team member systems.

Also, the admin team can access the admin console by successful login from any web interface upon taking the Microsoft 365 subscription.

There is seamless comfort and reliability of admin control on the privileges, data sharing, and how the files in the systems are stored over Microsoft 365 subscription features

2. Microsoft 365 Office

Microsoft 365 products suite

The latest cloud version of Microsoft 365 is available for remote teams to work and collaborate seamlessly.

As the complete data is managed over the classified storage for each user, there is adequate and appropriate storage of data.

Custom features available with Word, Excel smart sheets, publications, power point presentations are accessible by the remote teams over the web or as desktop software.

The data back is an impeccable feature in the Microsoft 365 subscription, as all the documents and folders are stored online.

3. Microsoft To Do

The other key and effective feature of Microsoft 365 is the To Do.

In the To-Do application, the individual users in the enterprise or basic version can store their To Do tasks and it can be accessed across the devices wherein the same user login is available. 

The list is synced on a real-time basis, and the people can schedule the tasks and have reminders integral to the process.

The other key feature from Microsoft 365 To Do is the assigning of tasks to the other members in the enterprise group, having necessary email attachments managed, etc.

This feature from Microsoft 365 can be a mini project management system, wherein task assignments and follow-ups among the teams are possible.

4. Cloud Storage

cloud backup solution

All the major documents and folders managed across the user systems have secured backup online, and this feature of Microsoft 365 is a profound solution in terms of managing data backup and disaster recovery.

Thus, using the Microsoft 365 features inherently supports a business continuity plan without interruptions in the practices.

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5. Security and Privacy

One of the standard and assuring features of Microsoft 365 is data security and privacy.

The admin teams in the enterprise version of Microsoft 365 can control the user-level data, manage the data sharing controls, and have better access to the security of the system.

By default, the Microsoft defender solutions ensure that the Microsoft systems and its subscription-installed devices are secured.

Also, the cloud data center of Microsoft 365 is robust and is managed in a highly secure manner, wherein the vulnerability scope in the system is much lesser.

6. Video Conferencing 

video conference

The video conferencing solution in Microsoft 365 subscription as Microsoft Teams is a holistic solution for team internal messaging, communication between the various groups, managing channels for communication, group, and individual virtual meetings between the users.

This Microsoft 365 feature has shaped up well and is known to be a very effective offering from Microsoft 365.

Some of the other common features integral to the solution are sharing the screen, and presentations, and hosting the presentation is possible with Microsoft Teams available with Microsoft 365 subscription.

The dynamic scope available with Teams is its effective add-in for the other Microsoft 365 apps.

For instance, the team meeting schedules can be created on Teams, and link them in Microsoft Calendar, send email notifications using Microsoft Mail, and have access to the files from the user data storage, during the Teams meetings.

The performance of Microsoft 365 solutions over reasonable internet connections is pragmatic, and it helps the teams in having operational efficiency among the remote teams.

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7. MSP Integration Support 

Many of the SMBs with limited resources for IT and ITes, rely on the Managed Service Providers.

In the Microsoft 365 subscription, there is integral support from Microsoft as an MSP for your Microsoft 365 enterprise version.

With 24/7/365, support, and services offered by Microsoft 365, it can be resourceful for teams in managing the solution and its features in a hassle-free manner.

For many of the businesses relying on Office 365, the services of the Microsoft subscription feature are here to stay and choosing the Microsoft 365 subscription feature over conventional solutions like Office 2019 or Office 2021 can deliver better operational quality and efficiency.

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In the selection of Microsoft 365, the significance is more about using the applications for the remote teams for individual user-level work performance and the remote team’s collaboration.

More often the teams do not use the complete set of features available in the system, and when the SMBs from Singapore can choose the right kind of enterprise version suiting the office requirements, the Microsoft 365 subscriptions can be highly resourceful.

Exabytes Singapore is the region’s preferred MSP offering Microsoft 365 subscriptions which suit all needs and purposes.

Be it Microsoft 365 for small business or for enterprises, Exabytes has the full range of Microsoft 365 products to choose from.

M365 ensures businesses are always up-to-date, stay organised across all devices with automatic backups and enables team connections and collaborations.

Microsoft 365 also empowers businesses in professional digital storytelling with its range of services starting as low as S$ 7.99/user/month.

Reach out to Exabytes Singapore to know more about the adept features of Microsoft 365 and subscribe to the best productivity tools.

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