Our EOTM of July 2011, is a very shy person who speaks only when is spoken. A quiet person by nature, he usually carries a smile on his face and is very friendly and helpful to colleagues. At work, our July Star is a senior software engineer who believes that one must always have the passion and urge to continuously upgrade his skills and know-how in order to excel in technical related jobs. Apart from this, he has the reputation for not only giving the best advice to clients, but also flexible and alternative solutions to act in unexpected circumstances.

Despite his even-tempered personality, our July EOTM is also highly ‘joke tolerant’. You can make jokes and poke fun at him but rest assured that he will still carry a smiling face. So as time passes, no one in the office wants to make fun of him anymore. Oh by the way, our Mr. Shy Guy has recently been promoted to Level 3 Support System Engineer.

With all the hints given out, have you already got some ideas who this special person is? If you haven’t, let me tell you that he is also a member of the OC of the recent Exabytes’ team building trip at Pantai Kerachut who did a great job in making the event a very successful and enjoyable one.

So, without further suspense, let’s give a big round of applause to our software engineer, Mr. KC Yeap!!

KC beat the rest of us in the office last July by:

  • taking full responsibility and being highly efficient in the tasks assigned to him
  • doing a great job organizing Exabytes’ team building at Pantai Kerachut
  • being punctual all the time
  • being extremely helpful in giving guidance to juniors regarding any technical issue
  • assisting to solve customer issues outside working hours

Once again, congratulations KC!