A Perfect Combination of SSD VPS & Plesk Onyx Control Panel.

It’s a perfect combination of High-performance SSD VPS with Plesk Onyx control panel, optimized to meet the growing needs with self-administration and customization. With WebOps platform you can manage your SSD VPS, automate, run and grow applications or websites easily and efficiently.

Let’s check out the Highlights of Plesk SSD VPS

plesk vps for developer

1. Focus on Developers

We would like to highlight that Plesk SSD VPS focuses on the needs of web developers and professionals with features such as Docket support, Git Deploy, System Update tools, Linux Cgroup limits, SSL Improvements, DNSSec Support, Plesk Extension SDK, Ruby Support, Phyton Support and many more.

plesk vps wordpress toolkit
2. Integrated WordPress TOOLKIT 3.0

You can easily manage a few or more WordPress websites on your Plesk SSD VPS.

#WordPress Management

As a developer, you can utilize Plugin and Theme Mass Management to keep your installation up to date with automated updates to effectively lower the chances of getting hacked.

#WordPress One Click Hardening

Plesk SSD VPS comes with WordPress Harden and security scanner. Simply check the items you wish to harden and click secure in our Plesk SSD VPS. It’s all automated and no individual account login is required.

#WordPress Security Scanning

Plesk SSD VPS makes sure every WordPress site on your server is secure by identifying any risk occurred during the installation process and secure them automatically.

plesk vps speed cache

3. Optimized For Speed

Exabytes Plesk SSD VPS uses High-End server with combination of SSD RAID10 storage, Nginx with HTTP/2, latest PHP7 with memcached and Opcode support as well as free CDN. We offer up to 100 Mbps bandwidth and dedicated IP to support your VPS needs. Your Plesk SSD VPS is monitored by our dedicated engineers who work 24/7 to ensure your network with 99.9% uptime and VPS server with 99.5% uptime.

plesk vps SSL

4. Choice of SSL Encryption

With our Plesk SSD VPS, you can now provide greater protection of your services and enable all your sites with a valid SSL certificate. You can simplify hard configuration with the Security Advisor extension. All your websites are now served with HTTPS; you can even generate the certificates using Let’s Encrypt.

plesk vps extension

5. Developer Productivity Extension


Deploy and manage Docker containers straight from our Plesk interface; install Docker containers locally or to a remote node registered in Plesk.


Add Node.js applications with just a few clicks, and start/stop/restart those apps, run scripts and edit configuration tables right from Plesk control panel.


What’s New with Plesk’s Latest Version 17.8?

# Plesk Easy Onboard

With Plesk’s new version 17.8, you can get onboard easily after first Plesk install & login, including registration screen with social login (Facebook, Google, GitHub).

# Plesk Advisor

Plesk Advisor is your best friend — it provides you with the best practices to apply state-of-the-art security and performance settings for both server setting and hosted websites.

# WordPress Toolkit 3.0

With Toolkit 3.0 you will see some amazing changes and a brand new UI that simplify and assist rapid development, deployment and management of WordPress instances. Maintenance for WordPress can be done in WordPress toolkit, including customizable maintenance mode template.

# Plesk Extensions Catalog

Finding your desired extensions is much easier now with faster catalog search. Simply start typing a name, a category, or any keywords in the Extension Catalog search box to immediately see relevant results. Browsing the catalog is now more convenient to the addition of extension categories.

# Support Famous Cloud Backup

Plesk 17.8 supports the most popular cloud storage — you can now use the service of the following cloud providers to store your VPS data.

  1. Amazon S3
  2. Google Drive
  3. OneDrive


How Plesk SSD VPS Helps Developers Save Time In Managing VPS Servers

Plesk SSD VPS focuses on the requirements of web professionals at its core. It makes the life of developers easier by allowing them to automate their most time consuming tasks; help them to get back more time and added security layer; reduce dependency on third parties; increase speed, productivity and more.

It makes your life easier and helps to save time with its auto integration function. In other words, it helps developers increase their revenue by improving their workflow.

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