How to Write Headlines That Convert - Powerful Content Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketer [2021]

If you are always wondering how influencers and content creators can generate sustainable/ impressive income from their blogs, Youtube Channels, or any other social media platforms, this may be due to their affiliate marketing efforts.

As an affiliate marketer and content creator, without compelling content, it will be difficult for you to attract the attention of visitors. Without this attention, you cannot build the similar trust factors needed to convert visitors into affiliate sales.

In the content marketing game, writing great content is one thing, getting it to be read and ranked is another matter-this is where the headline is determined.

How long should my headline be? What power word should I use? What words should I avoid? Should I optimise for search or for social? Or both?

How to write a catchy headline?

Headlines can be written in many ways. However, certain types of headlines have repeatedly proven to be effective for many years.

By following the “formula” when creating headlines, you can have an upper hand when it comes to persuading your audience to read and respond to your copywriting and advertisements.

Follow these 8 formulas (from easy to a bit challenging) to practise creating a powerful headline that converts.

Note: For a start, you don’t have to use all the formulas. Simply make use of one of them and stick to it when writing a headline.

1. Straightforward

Straightforward headlines should be used more often. Not jokes. Not playing word games.

The direct headline gets right to the point.

This type of formula works particularly well with strong offers, well-known brands, and products or services that the audience is familiar with.

  • Free e-book…
  • Here’s How Women Can Look Younger
  • Here’s Why You Need to Revamp Your Old Website

2. Shout out the benefits

As an affiliate marketer, the first technique you should always explore is to turn your main benefit into headlines. After all, your number one selling point should be your top priority when you are selling or writing ads copy. This is also one of the best strategies to find your right audience.

In addition, even if they do not continue to read the details, they have at least seen the best selling point you offer.

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If you find it challenging to write this type of headline, you definitely need to think or learn more about your products or services.

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3. Announce exciting news

We must admit that newspapers and magazines are very good at announcing exciting news. Although nowadays, fewer and fewer people read newspapers, their headlines are still amazing.

Curiosity is human nature — we not only want to know, but we also need to know.

Creating a news-like headline, instead of advertisement-like, can help create the same powerful appeal as the morning headline.

How to write a catchy headlines - exciting news headline sample
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Note: It doesn’t have to be “news” headlines for your new products or services. It merely has to be news to your readers.

  • At Last! Scientists found a planet that could support life
  • Introducing the newest idea in cross-border eCommerce business

4. How-to

The how-to headlines attract the need for most of us to improve ourselves or our lives in some way. The secret here is to focus on the need or hope and commit to fulfilling that need or hope. But be careful. The how-to must highlight the benefits or the end results, not the process itself.

For example:

How to make money working from home with your laptop

What if we change it to:

How to start a full-time online business in your home

Sounds more attractive, right? The first one sounds like it needs a lot of work. It says nothing about the real motivator, which is using a laptop you already own to make money easily.

To write a how-to headline, start with the words “How” or “How to” then, the benefit:

  • How to stop smoking in 20 days?
  • How to write content that makes $500 per month?
  • How You Can Profit From the 5 Greatest Affiliate Marketing Strategies?
  • How to speed up your website speed by 300%?

5. Ask a provocative question

Asking questions that concern your readers. However, your question shouldn’t be random or too smart.

It should be directly and clearly related to the main benefit of the product. It should also prompt the reader to answer “yes” or at least “I’m not sure, but I want to know more”.

  • Do You Make These 5 Mistakes When Filing income tax?
  • Got a speeding ticket lately? Read this.
  • How do I know which unit trust may be right for me?

6. Give a command

The sales copy usually fails because it cannot tell the reader what to do. This type of headline allows you to stay straight, provide benefits, and take a commanding posture at the same time. It is not conversational, but dictatorial (in an acceptable way).

For example:

  • Get your first pay in affiliate marketing in 14 days.
  • Stop wasting time on DIY websites. Sign up for an Instant Website plan and have your own website ready in 3 days.

7. Useful information

Let us tell you a little secret. Most people don’t want information. We know you have been taught otherwise all the time, but this is true. People are overwhelmed by facts.

What people really want is a sense of order and predictability in life. We want to have a sense of power in our world. Therefore, we look for secrets, tricks, tips, laws, rules, and systems that can help us gain control and clarify things quickly. Note how these headlines promise to provide useful information.

  • 10 most important marketing strategies you should take to get more leads.
  • FREE. The best kept digital marketing secrets in Singapore.

8. An honest, enthusiastic testimonial

Reviews/Testimonial headlines can do two things for you. First, it provides your readers with a third-party endorsement of your products or services. Second, it takes advantage of the fact that people like to know what others are saying about you.

  • “Very helpful, this is the best hosting provider ever.”
  • “This diet plan is useful to me. It definitely works for you too!”
  • “It’s the first book on personal finance that really made sense to me.”

A variation of this strategy is to write a headline in the first person and put quotation marks around it. This “virtual testimonial” provides you with more interesting headlines and increases your readership.

The Bottom Line

Certainly, there are many other ways to write a good headline. No matter which strategy you choose, don’t make a decision too quickly. Take time to brainstorm. Write dozens or even hundreds of headlines and keep practising. You will never say exactly what you want to say before you say it, so giving yourself lots of choices is the surest way to get the best and most powerful headline.

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