Imagine yourself having a giant company. Sales are blooming and you’re expanding your business presence all over the world.

Asia Domain Name (.Asia)

You got your programmers to build professionally designed websites, but when it was time to get .asia domain name for your business in Asia, it’s unavailable!

Too late to say “I wish I had bought it earlier!”, too late to say “I wish I had thought about this sooner!” That’s why, with Exabytes .ASIA domain promo that is going on from now till the 28th February 2013, we are opening this golden opportunity for you to grab the domain name of your choice at extremely LOW PRICE from just SGD 1.99


But wait.. with so many domain names available in the market, why .ASIA domain? Well, for one, there is no restriction for you to register, i.e. everyone can register one!

And another thing is, if you care and trust your business to grow like the giant companies in the world; IBM, Dell and Facebook (they all have .asia domains!) , you’ll know you just have to get one, before it’s too late! After all, what’s there to lose? It’s only going to be sold from SGD1.99!

Remember, this promo price will only be launched from now till 20 February 2013 for the first 100 registrations only, so be sure to order yours NOW at Exabytes Asia Domain!

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