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The Internet is not how it was a decade ago. Today it is clogged with websites, blogs and e-forums that provide you with a variety of information. Every day new websites and blogs, are being put up online and many others are being brought down. In this dense and saturated market situation, the problem comes in engaging and retaining customers or visitors to your online page. People don’t like reading long posts. Your content should be creative and engaging to the user. So now with so many parameters how best to put forth your content? Your answer my friend is pictures and videos.

Drone videography is a new rising trend in the current market scenario. Unlike a fad, it is a great innovation in the field of social marketing. The ability of drones to rise hundreds of feet above the ground, unhindered by the chaos on earth is a great benefit. They can take some pretty amazing aerial shots that will definitely add new life to your website. It is proven that people are reading to spend more time on brilliantly portrayed videos than spend the same time reading blogs.

Here are some of the ways in which drone videos can really bring about a change in the online traffic for your website.


1. You Are Giving Them an Experience

A video especially the one shot from a drone can take the online visitor from his old room to unbelievable places like the towering mountains of Himalayas and the volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean to your hotel resort and office space. Right now, it is the experience that counts.

Drone videos allow you to communicate much more effectively than any other means. The aerial shots provide a much more explicit and exquisite image to the online visitor. Thanks to the drone shots all you need is a little creativity in taking videos and you are all set for a great online marketing video.
People can retain a lot from a drone video than from a simple blog. Drone videos allow the visitor to easily visualize what the website owner wants to express. And if your video has some unique angle of shots, it will get imprinted in the minds of the visitor. Simply said they get to be a part of something unique and creative, right from their computers or smartphones!

There is a huge list of drones that can help you record your content so that your visitors can experience them.


2. You Look Different and Innovative

As mentioned before, the internet is filled with the usual. You have the opportunity to be the unusual, to be unique. Now it’s a new idea but highly effective. This new concept of using drone videos to capture the people’s attention is a great strategy and highly acclaimed.

Photo by PublicCo, CC0 1.0

You don’t need to have a lot of technical expertise to do so either. Just a simple stable drone which can carry a camera will work out for you. Currently, a small segment of the market uses this kind of marketing. This is great news because when you start using such videos on your website, your website will stand out.
Any social media marketer will always want to come out on the market with a unique look, in its marketing strategies. Especially in the online world where you have the potential to become an instant hit with the right creativity. These drone videos help create a buzz for you in the online domain.


2. You Have a Great Way to Tell Your Story and Share the Behind the Scenes Experience

The great thing about drone videos is that they provide a dynamic view. You can fit in so much into the visitor’s vision frame and at the same time be confident that it is leaving a good impression.

To connect well with the online visitors, company’s often put in a section on their website showing the lighter moments and their journey behind the scenes. Now would it not be cooler if you could have various aerial videos to complement your story, showing some very creative aspects of your company.
Aerial videography is currently in the trend, and blossoming into a bigger form of marketing. Your company should definitely try to capitalize on this rising trend and ride the wave of drone videos. It will definitely help you in sharing a bond with your online visitors.


4. Look at The Future, You Are Becoming a Part of It

There are different types of videography that can enrich your website content. A couple of years ago, a lot of people thought DSLR, GoPro and iPhones wouldn’t work out but now they have revolutionized the entire landscape of videography.
Drone videography allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and get as much online traffic as you can. Drones are finding applications in a lot of sectors and photography is just the stepping stone for this industry.

In fact, there are technologies like virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) that are trying to change the way we perceive and visualize things. But until they reach mass production levels, drone videography can help your videos get the professional touch.

So, start recording get your dream website up and running. Let your online visitors live that dream of yours through drone videography.


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