Website bounce rates, sometimes referred to as exit rates, is a good indication of your website visitor behavior. It shows online marketers or business owners the percentage of website visitors who arrive on a website, and leave in a short time.

Thus bounce rates is an effective measurement on the effectiveness of a homepage (or product landing page) in terms of generating the interest of visitors and making them stay.

Although an elevated bounce rate does not always indicates poor performance for a website, for eCommerce websites, or websites that allow their customers to submit their information online, high bounce rates can present a serious issue which leads to poor sales performance and response.

Note that the effort to reduce bounce rate should start during website development. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • choose a nice and suitable theme for your website
  • make good use of colors to differentiate categories, products, and information
  • your website colors should match your company logo; consistency is the key
  • the text information is important too. Make sure the information presented is informative, well organized, and straight to the point
  • One of the most important things is the Call to Action (CTA) sentence. You could place your CTA on a button for your visitors to click on to boost conversion

Certainly, besides all the aforementioned, there are also many other factors that can affect bounce rates, which we’ll be glad to discuss more about them in our future blog posts.

Stay tuned!