Developers & Technology Domains Extensions

Horray! Tech professionals and developers! New catchy domain extensions that can help you stand out in your profession are now available for registration!

Technology and development keep on establishing as our lives are becoming much more digital, more associated, and much more automated.

There are millions of technology start-ups and also developers available all contending to establish a striking online presence.

To squash the competition and also rise above them, you need a fantastic domain and not something run-of-the-mill.

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These new domain extensions can define your website/brand better and provide several great benefits:

  • Short, memorable and recognizable
  • Easily brandable, strategic fit with your brand positioning
  • Easy to interpret and imply your website purpose
  • Reinforces your presence in the industry and competition,
  • Search engine friendly

Today, let us introduce these catchy domain extensions that are solely dedicated to the technology industry; the domain extensions for web developers, designers, engineers, website programmers, and tech and mobile application companies.

Your domain plays a major function in your advertising and marketing as well as branding endeavors and likewise has a significant influence on your SEO tasks.

To win large with your name choices, below’s the intro of the most preferred domain extensions for developers and technology.


.DEV is a top-level domain introduced by Google. It was primarily used by developers and designers for their local development environments.

On March 1, 2019, Google made it open to the public, and now everyone can register one. Since.

DEV is in a niche domain space that offers a higher level of security than normal domains, it is included on the HSTS preload list and requires an HTTPS connection.

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.TECH is a generic top-level domain. As the name implies, the .tech domain is intended to be used by technology-focused websites.

One of the biggest advantages of using .TECH is  Startup League supported by Radix, which provides you with exclusive marketing support in form of event sponsorships at key tech events.

Moreover, it also gives new startups a great opportunity to spread the word.

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.IO is a country code top-level domain and it was initially reserved for British Indian Ocean Territory.

Years later, the use of .IO domains started to pick up, and in 2003 it was generally used by technology companies as ‘IO’ is also an abbreviation for input/output in computer science.

Having said that, there are no restrictions on .IO domain registrations, which means anyone can register one without a resident identity card.

Google treats .IO domains as generic top-level domains so they will not specifically target a certain geographic region and it won’t affect your SEO in other countries.

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.APP is a generic top-level domain introduced by ICANN in 2012. Next, Google purchased the exclusive right in 2015.

Google then made it available to the public in May 2018. The .APP domain is the first choice for mobile application companies or developers.

Besides, Google requires HTTPS for all .APP websites, something similar to .DEV.

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