remote hand data centre for colocation success

Remote hands data centres are the ideal choice for businesses looking to securely store their computer equipment in a well-maintained environment.

These data centres ensure smooth and effective operation of equipment through highly trained personnel.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a Remote Hands data centre for your colocation needs and how it can guarantee success.

Many businesses choose colocation as a strategy to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. Colocation involves housing privately owned servers and networking equipment in a third-party data centre, offering advantages such as cost savings, improved security, and access to advanced infrastructure.

However, managing colocated resources can be challenging, especially when the data centre is located far from the company’s headquarters.

Today, businesses have a third option for routine maintenance and issue troubleshooting with their IT hardware in colocation data centres: a remote hands or smart hands service.

What is a Remote Hands Service?

Some colocation providers offer remote hands as an add-on service. It involves dedicated, 24/7 onsite data centre engineers who perform server, cabling, and other hardware maintenance on behalf of your organization.

Data centre remote hands can replace employees or work in conjunction with contractors, utilizing on-site personnel and knowledge to ensure optimized, always available, and resilient environments.

Typically, remote hands services are offered by end-to-end providers.

How Remote Hands Operate

Remote hands or smart hands is a service that allows colocation data centre employees to perform various on-site services for their customers.

The specific data centre services offered may vary by provider, but generally include IT services such as installing new equipment, replacing failed drives, checking equipment status, and power cycling servers.

It’s important to note that while some colocation providers offer remote hands as an optional service, others may require its use. This enables the colocation provider to restrict physical data centre access, thereby enhancing data centre security.

Why is Remote Hands Service Important?

Remote hands services are essential for IT managers who lease space in remote locations, as it allows them to manage their data centre without sending their own technical personnel to the colocation facility.

These services are available around-the-clock, even during holidays or unexpected support issues, when IT staff may not be available.

By leveraging the expertise of trained professionals through remote hands services, businesses can efficiently complete tasks such as installation, decommissioning, monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting, maintenance, inventory management, and cable management without dispatching their own employees to the data centre.

This reduces the risk of outages, which can negatively impact business revenue and customer service, and helps businesses meet Service Level Agreements and regulatory obligations, avoiding reputational and legal risks.

Remote hands services also enable swift response to alerts and scheduled maintenance, ensuring optimal performance of mission-critical functions hosted on colocation servers.

This can result in reduced downtime and improved system efficacy, as remote hands teams have a comprehensive understanding of colocation tenant environments and can make efficient hardware optimizations.

In addition, remote hands services contribute to increased security by limiting physical access to servers and leveraging the stringent security measures implemented in colocation facilities, such as round-the-clock monitoring, biometric access controls, and video surveillance.

Using remote hands services allows IT departments to prioritize high-skill, high-value tasks that contribute to competitiveness and sustainability, rather than routine operations.

It is cost-effective as it minimizes the need for an in-house maintenance team or emergency call-out contractors, and colocation tenants negotiate maintenance and emergency response costs with the provider beforehand.


In summary, remote hands data centres are crucial for businesses seeking a safe and secure environment for their digital equipment. With skilled technicians available 24/7, businesses can ensure their servers are monitored and maintained effectively, leading to smooth operations and superior customer service.

Choosing a reliable and effective provider for remote hands services is essential for successful colocation.

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