In the previous blog post, we introduced some useful plugins that you can find in WordPress. Now, we would like to narrow down to some other plugins that you might find useful.

Today, we are going to share some plugins that can help you to gain comments. Especially for bloggers, these are important as you guys need comments for each of your blog post. So what are the 5 feature rich plugins that can take your blog’s comments platform to the next level?

#1 Minimum Comment Length

I believe nobody likes spam comments. However, while spam comments will most likely be prevented by Akismet plugins, there are also those comments that are not really useful or related to your blog content.

Examples of these useless comments are those such as “great post” and “thank you” and followed with a backlink to their own website, which we don’t considered them as quality and related comments.

To solve this problem, we can use the minimum comment length plugin. This is how it works:

  • You can set the minimum number of characters and customise the message that is displayed when someone’s comment does not exceed the requirement.



#2 Twitter mentions in comments

Related conversations is always what people looking for. People love to read something from human rather than a robot. Conversations definitely can attract your readers. So how it works:

  • It searches for any tweet that links to a blog post (Regardless of URL shortening) and places it within the comments stream of the post itself.

#3 Live Comment Preview

This plugin provides functionality that should definitely come as a standard in WordPress. How it works:

  • It allows your blog’s readers to see a real time preview of their comment as they are writing it.


#4 Comment Reply Notification

To increase engagement on your blog, one of the best ways is to lead your commenters back into the conversation. It’s meaningless for them to drop comments if they are not even sure that you would respond to them in a timely manner. What if your readers have something to ask you and they are eagerly to know the answer from you?

So this is how Comment Reply Notifications works:

  • It gives you a flexible set of options for notifications


The best is you have the full control over the contents of the email that is sent to commenters.


A word of warning – this plugin is out of date; it is last updated in 2010. However, testing (in addition to user feedback) has shown the plugin to be fully compatible and operational with WordPress 3.3.


#5 Newsletter Sign up

It’s better that your readers can be converted to your regular readers. It’s one of the best way to keep your readers updated with your latest blog post or news.  So this is how Newsletter sign-up can work wonders:

newsletter sign up

So this is how you can utilize all the prepared plugins to make your website even more friendly and professional. Look forward on our next post! More variety of tips is coming!

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