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We’re excited to have Mr. Marcus Eng (co-founder of UX Experts) sharing his journey and inspiration on growing his business online. Let’s gain inspiration with the simple QnA below.

What’s your background?

I’m the co-founder of UX Experts. I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business Information Technology.

After working as a web developer and enterprise solution project manager for a few years, I involved myself in project management and UX design work.

It’s a joy to be able to help businesses to innovate and optimise their company operation when they go digital.

What kind of business do you run?

UX Experts is a design and innovation agency that works with clients across various industries like Financial services, F&B, Retail, Consumer Products and Technology (for both enterprises and startups).

We observe and learn all about our clients’ enterprise and customers at ground level, before ideating solutions that will solve their problems and improve customer experience.

We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation.

We have worked with various clients such as Autodesk, OCBC and other venture funded startups.

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Where are you headed as a business?

We are working towards becoming one of the best agency in SEA for UX design and innovation with best practices in the industry such as Design Thinking.

Human-centred Design, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Sprint.

What convinced you to try our products/services?

I had used Exabyte hosting for my clients’ websites during my time at Radiance Studio. I had a pleasant experience with Exabytes technical support; the response given by your team is prompt and professional.

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How have you benefited from using our products/services?

The biggest benefit is still the stability and affordable pricing offered by Exabytes as compared to other web hosting companies.

What would you tell people who were thinking of starting their business journey online?

I would like to share that aspiring entrepreneurs should validate their business ideas or offerings before jumping in as a business.

We have had many startups and enterprises coming to us with an idea to design their MVP, but after some research users and interviews, we invalidated their ideas/solutions and informed them what their clients really wanted to see.

Thus before you get too excited about your ideas, it’s recommended to always validate them before investing further.

For more information, contact: 
uxexperts.sg[email protected] | +65 9179 1681UXE-logo-color - Zhao Wei Eng

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