Expand Your Existing Business Online

“There are now over 2 Billion Internet Users!”

During the beginning of the Internet age, only big companies had their business websites. In recent years, many SMEs have turned to attract, retain and communicate with their buyers online.

Today, people especially the young generation uses the Internet to find jobs, pay bills, shop, keep in touch with their friends; NOT having your own business website means totally LOSING this group of customers!

Let’s Expand Your Existing Business Online Now

Exabytes’ Instant Website + Instant Design is an All-In-One package that can realize your dream of Expanding Your Existing Business Online in Just 7 Days! After that, it allows you to edit your content as easy as using Microsoft Word / Power Point.

What Do You Get?

  • Website Design
  • 840++ Website Design Templates
  • Your Own Email Accounts – You will have your own email accounts with your own company name, such as [email protected] instead of [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Web Hosting
  • Your Own Biz Domain: .COM / .NET / .INFO / .ORG / .BIZ (Eg. www.yourcompany.com)
  • Bonus: SiteLock Basic – Protect Your Website from Hacking!
  • Bonus: InstantBackup – Automatically Back Up the Valuable Data on Your PCs / laptops

Benefits of Expanding Your Biz Online:

  • Your Business runs 24/7
  • Lower Your Operation Costs

–          NO retail sales persons, monthly rent / utility expenses are needed.

  • Global Reach
  • Lower Advertising Costs Online

–          Online Ads are much cheaper compared to Offline Ads

  • Speedy Setup And Minimum Starting Capital
  • Provide The Most Competitive Price

–          Since plenty of costs and time are saved, it gives you the price edge over your competitors who haven’t tapped into the power of Online Business.

Our professional website designs & layouts are tailor made for different industries. Each of them is created by industry experts, to deliver ONLY THE BEST to you and helps expand your existing business online!

Don’t Wait! Act TODAY!

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