Anyone knows how we can create a subdomain in cPanel?

Before going further, let’s talk about what subdomain is.
Subdomain is the subset of your domain name, and in order to create one, you do not need to register a new domain name. For example, if exabytes.sg is your domain, one of your subdomains can be exabytes.sg/blog

With a subdomain, you can create a totally new content under it. For example, if you’re selling furniture, you can create a subdomain, and place the content of your current HOTTEST PROMO under the subdomain.

So, what are the advantages of a subdomain?

Check them out!

1) For SEO and promotional purposes — you can assign the right keywords to your subdomains.
2) SEO Advantage – As a subdomain page is viewed as a different website with new content, it helps in SEO!
3) Free Of Charge! If you are the owner of the domain, you can create as many as subdomains at zero cost (as long as your hosting plan allows)
4) Apart from what your main website is all about, subdomain can be used to highlight an important topic

Let’s see the following steps on how to create a subdomain:

Step 1
Log into your cPanel.

Step 2
Scroll down till you see the Domain tab and click on the Subdomains icon.



Step 3
Type the subdomain name you want and select the domain to create under (if you own more than one domain under one hosting plan).



Step 4
Click on the ‘Create’ button, that’s it. You will then see a message stating “You have successfully created “shop.yourdomain.com”. A folder will be automatically created for the subdomain in your public_html folder.


It’s as easy as ABC, right? You can now create one. 🙂

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