.COM domain is undoubtedly the most sought after and most universal domain extension for businesses of all kinds and sizes or individuals. No matter what the domain name is, most customers will type in the domain name + .com in their first attempt!

The great news is, NOW they are Up For Grabs at an Unbelievable Rate – SGD1.29 each ONLY!!

.com domain madness

Benefits of .COM domains are endless. Check them out:

  • It brings most credibility and acceptance
  • It is the easiest to remember domain extension
  • It carries the best resale value shall you wish to sell your domain to others in the future
  • Many more!

Exabytes SGD1.29.COM Domain MADNESS starts with the first twenty .COM domains sold at the cheapest domain registration rate SGD1.29 starting on 17th September at 9:00am. The 21st till 40th domains will be sold at SGD 2.29, and prices move up USD1 for every subsequent 20 domains sold. Promotion ends when a total of 280 .COM domains are sold. Each customer is however, entitled to purchase one .COM domain only.

Check out the price table below:

sign up domain name pricing table

Discounts for .COM domains are RARE and very hard to come by. So Grab One NOW to Avoid Paying More in the future!

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