Essential Tips for Business Logo Design
Are you aware that a good business logo can help a business tremendously in a long time? In today’s business world, a business logo acts as an instant reminder of a company or a product, making it vital to gain brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.

#1 Keep It Simple

In the digital era, we are constantly exposed to tons of information (text, images, video etc) every day. A business logo with simple yet straight-to-the-point design can stand out from others and leave a long lasting impression. Don’t choose illustration that can confuse customers, or got mixed up with other brands. Be unique and special.

Nike logo
Nike’s logo — simple yet capable of leaving a long lasting impression

#2 Memorable

A good business logo design should be distinctive and memorable. While you can always change or make some adjustments to your business logo, don’t change too often. Spend some quality time to focus on one business logo that can stay forever.

Mcdonald logo
McDonald’s’ logo — everyone knows it is McDonald’s once they see the big yellow ‘M’


#3 Colour Is The Key

Each colour in your business logo stands for different meanings and nuance. Since colours can be used to elicit a subliminal emotional response from people, it’s important to choose the colours in your business logo wisely. Besides, people living in different regions and cultures respond differently to different colours. Thus it’s strongly recommended to think carefully before deciding on the dominant colour of your business logo.

Psychology of colors in brands
A good infographic that tells how different colors represent different brand personalities


#4 Describable & Scalable

A good business logo can tell a story. A logo with a strong identity delivers a clear message to its audience and tells them about its business, products and services. On top of that, a good business logo should be scalable, or in other words, capable of projecting the same message in whatever sizes for multiple digital devices or physical printing.

Apple logo
A good example is Apple’s logo which always looks prominent, clear and strong even in different sizes.


#5 Keep Learning & Trying

In order to improve, we must innovate and redesign from time to time. It is great if you can have one single logo that goes timeless like Coca-Cola logo. However, if you think it’s time to redesign to keep it updated, go for it! How your business logo looks should match its intended purpose. Keep trying and learning!

evolution of google logo
Google’s logo has changed many times over the past 17 years but the colours still remain the same.


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