Colocation vs. Dedicated Server Hosting . Which suits your needs better?

Server Colocation and dedicated server hosting – these terms often create confusion, especially among users who have just started thinking about upgrading their websites from shared hosting/VPS. They look similar, but are different in terms of ownership and other important factors.

A server colocation hosting is about renting a space from a data centre and placing your own purchased physical server in the data centre. The data centre would most probably only provide the rack, electricity supply, Internet connection and other basic data centre security features.

A dedicated server hosting is about renting a server from a data centre, which gives you absolute control over the server hardware. The web host provides all the services – from maintenance, security, temperature controls, to many others.

Check out the table below to have a clearer picture.

Dedicated Server Colocation
Hosting Company Server Hardware is provided by Yourself
Hosting Company Server Hardware Maintenance is

conducted by

Hosting Company Server Software Maintenance is

Conducted by

Hosting Company Backup and Restoration

is done by

Hosting Company
Full Access to Server Resources Full


Benefits of Server Colocation 

  • Power Redundancy

    You will enjoy a peace of mind with the web host’s professional technical support and constant server monitoring. With high-powered cooling system that keeps your server in best running condition, your server is safe even during a power outage, storms and other unexpected common issues. Enjoy a total peace of mind in knowing that your server is in good hands 24/7.

  • Security & Protect Your Data

    Data centres provide full security that protects your server and data from internal and external sources. Experienced technical persons with professional knowledge about security software like firewalls, spyware, data encryption help to keep your data secure and protect it from hackers. For external threats, full-time security guards would monitor your hardware support with surveillance cameras and effective scanning system. Anyone accessing and leaving the data centre will be recorded.

  • Network Reliability

    Keeping your network connection stable is a main concern for your server other than its storage and bandwidth. Data centres offer multiple networks to ensure constant server connectivity. The loss of network connections could mean losing viewers, conversion, or business for your website. A fast and reliable connection to your website is a must to improve user experience when they are visiting your website.

Benefits of Exabytes Dedicated Server hosting

  • Full Server Resources

With Managed Dedicated Server hosting, you will not be sharing server resources with others like what happens in shared hosting. This means you have complete control over how server resources are distributed based on your needs. You have the power to decide which application, script or program to run on the server. No more worries about having a bad ‘neighbour’ in your hosting! In addition, data centres will still be fully responsible for your hardware and software. This ensures that your server will always be monitored by professional and experienced personnel.

  • Uptime and Security Assurance

A strong server performance is important in handling high website traffic. Dedicated hosting packages will usually include redundancy options for hardware and software to minimize the risk of failure. As you no longer share resources with others, it’s certain that you will enjoy better uptime and security.

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