Control & Flexibility

Exabytes offers the opportunity to resell web hosting with maximum control and flexibility. Our resellers are allowed and encouraged to repackage our hosting and make it their own Brand. In this way, resellers have greater control over their hosting plans, which can boost the chances of gaining regular profits throughout the process. They can freely allocate disk space usage, bandwidth, etc.

Cost Advantage

Instead of having to invest more on purchasing a dedicated server to sell web hosting, Exabytes’ resellers save additional expenses but still enjoy the similar features of a dedicated server without any added costs. When business costing is low, you have the flexibility to adjust your selling price, and the winning edge over your competitors.


The space to grow is also a main concern, particularly when your customers have websites with high demand. Exabytes’ reseller packages provide more features and space for your company and you pay only one monthly fee instead of several. All in all, everything you need is the complete reseller solution from Exabytes instead of having to purchase additional plans when the needs arise.

Reseller Web Hosting Features – Linux

  • Disk SpaceAmount of storage allotted to your hosting account. Your web resources (Web, Logs & database) share the same disk quota.Amount of storage allotted to your hosting account. Your web resources (Web, Logs & database) share the same disk quota.Disk Space
  • No.of DomainThe amount of domain names hosted per account.No.of Domain
  • Addon DomainsYou have two domains and and both of them share one hosting account. The addon domain shares all the same resources (disk space,bandwidth and etc) with your main site.Addon Domains
  • Data TransferAmount of data that is transferred to your website and from your website within a month.Data Transfer
  • Parked DomainsAllows you to have more than one websites (both having the same content) but pointing to your existing hosting account.Parked Domains
  • MySQL DatabasesMySQL is a flexible and reliable database server that is often the natural database of choice when working with PHP web language.MySQL Databases
  • Data Center LocationData Center Location indicates the whereabouts of our facility which is used to house our servers in a safe and secure environment.Data Center Location
  • Per YearPer Year
  • REX1000

  • Disk Space50GB Disk Space
  • No.of DomainUnlimited
  • Addon DomainsUnlimited
  • Data Transfer200GB
  • Parked DomainsUnlimited
  • MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
  • Data Center LocationSingapore Data Center
  • Per Year


    per year

    Free Setup Fee

    Normal Price: S$575.00

    Save S$125.00

  • RHB1000

  • Disk Space200GB Disk Space
  • No.of Domain10
  • Addon Domains10
  • Data Transfer400GB
  • Parked DomainsUnlimited
  • MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
  • Data Center LocationSingapore Data Center
  • Per Year


    per year

    Free Setup Fee

    Normal Price: S$575.00

    Save S$125.00

  • RHB2000

  • Disk Space400GB Disk Space
  • No.of Domain20
  • Addon Domains10
  • Data Transfer800GB
  • Parked DomainsUnlimited
  • MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
  • Data Center LocationSingapore Data Center
  • Per Year


    per year

    Free Setup Fee

    Normal Price: S$815.00

    Save S$165.00

  • RHB3000

  • Disk Space600GB Disk Space
  • No.of Domain30
  • Addon Domains10
  • Data Transfer1200GB
  • Parked DomainsUnlimited
  • MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
  • Data Center LocationSingapore Data Center
  • Per Year


    per year

    Free Setup Fee

    Normal Price: S$1055.00

    Save S$205.00

Terms And Conditions
  1. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
  2. All Prices are quoted in Singapore Dollar.
  3. Prices do not include domain registration and SSL.
  4. This promotion is only applicable to first time customers. Renewal will be at normal price.
  5. Any requests for hosting refund must be made within 100 days from the sign-up date. Request made after this period is strictly Not allowed.
  6. In order to ensure the stability and performance of our servers, if a resold account is found to overload the server, we reserve the right to suspend the resold account without prior notice and the right not to unsuspend the account.
  7. REX series of packages are not allowed to assign more disk space and bandwidth (data transfer) to accounts than the quota you actually have in the package.
  8. For enquiries, please contact us.
  9. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  10. Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without pior notice.

Customize Your Own Webhosting Plans For Your Own Clients

“With our cpanel reseller hosting, you can be rest assured that you found the best reseller web hosting services available. You may combine our reseller plans with your own value-added services such as site development, programming, consulting, and more. “

Lower Cost To Start

Reseller hosting customers enjoy the purchase of bandwidth and storage at wholesale price – everything you sell will give you part profit or full profit.

Time Saving

A large selection of automated tools are provided to make your entire reselling process simple and reduce the time spent on doing everything from scratch.

Completely Managed

You can focus 100% on making profits for your reselling business as all updates and upgrades are done by our systems and administration personnel.

24×7 Support

Technical issues from your clients are always solved instantly, with our 24×7 professional support team who is there for you even on public holidays.

5 Reasons Why Exabytes Reseller Hosting?

We Are Reseller Hosting Expertise

We have more than 40 specialists to support you on 24×7 basis.

  • Exabytes specialized in Reseller Hosting since year 2001.
  • Exabytes is trusted by over 32,000 active clients worldwide.
  • Exabytes is currently managing over 400 hosting servers.
  • Exabytes understand your Reseller Hosting requirements well.
Easy Reseller Hosting Management And Access

Everything is easily managed with our web based control panel:

  • File management: backups and advanced FTP.
  • Domains: subdomains, parked, addons, etc.
  • Email: webmail, forwarders, autoresponder, etc.
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgre, phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin.
  • Others: Softaculous, Application Installers, web stats and more!
Additional Reseller Hosting Extras
  • Free 150 website templates including hosting category templates
Optimized Reseller Hosting Server
  • Our servers are especially optimized to ensure the best web and email performance for reseller.
  • Customized Reseller Hosting settings to improve server stability and performance.
  • 24/7 live server monitoring.
  • Industry-leading hardware.
Extensive Reseller Hosting Tutorials
  • Becoming familiar with, and navigating around in our control panel.
  • How to check server loading status.
  • How to create / remove / edit hosting packages.
  • How to suspend an account and modify the suspended accounts page.
  • How to limit bandwidth usage in control panel and more!
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the privilege to allocate data transfer and disk space as freely as I wish?

Yes, you do.

What if my customers lodge a complaint against the server? Will you back me up?

Yes. You will be backed by our round the clock dedicated and professional technical support. If your customers are facing technical problems, we are there to help, anytime!

Will the clients know that they are actually receiving service from you?

No, as with our Bulk Reseller Hostings, we remain “hidden” to your end users. Your clients will only deal with you and we support you all the way.

What about the servers and other hardware? Do I have to purchase them in order to start my business?

No, as we will cover all your operating costs such as maintaining own in-house web, mail, and DNS servers, backup generators and other network hardware & connections required for hosting. You do not have to worry on spending one bit on this at all!

Can I choose not to provide Windows Server 2008 to my customers?

Yes, you may, although we strongly recommend that you provide it to your customers for your own benefit.

100-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

24x7 support via Email, Live Chat, and Remote Access Help.

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