Let Us Join Your Entrepreneurship Journey!

Besides our ongoing sponsorship for Charity/Non-Profit Organizations, Exabytes has decided to extend it to Startups & Local Businesses!
Do you wish to expand your business online? Or you wish to upgrade your web host to a better one? Do you need some merchandise such as event door gifts?
Write to us TODAY and get the sponsorship to realize your dream. Even better, help us spread the word to other startups/local businesses and encourage them to continue the journey!


Need some door gifts for your event but have a budget constraint? Fill out the form below to apply for merchandise sponsorship.

Dedicated Server
VPS(Virtual Private Server)

Wish that your website runs as fast as a cheetah? Apply for VPS hosting sponsorship and boost your website loading speed.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Dedicated Server

Experiencing a sharp increase in visitors? Wish to have more control over your website and web hosting? Fill out the form now.

Don’t wait! Fill out the form below, and apply to enjoy ZERO COST for your own domain & web hosting!

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    How You Can Claim Your Free Hosting?


    Submit your company details to us.

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    Get Reviewed

    Your submission will be reviewed in 7 – 14 working days.


    You will be informed of your application outcome. Once it’s successful, you can start your website!

    Terms And Conditions
    1. Promotion price is applicable to new registration only. For renewal, the price will be reverted to default price.
    2. Exabytes will evaluate your application based on the submitted details.
    3. Exabytes Sponsorship Program is open to startups/businesses registered in Singapore only.
    4. To apply, applicants must fill out the above form and submit to Exabytes.
    5. Successful applicants must place a “Powered by Exabytes” link on their website, which links back to Exabytes website.
    6. This sponsorship program does not include web design as its sponsorship item.
    7. Exabytes’ decisions on the selection of applicants are final.
    8. Exabytes reserves the rights to approve, decline, make changes, or cancel this sponsorship without any prior notice.