Exabytes Bare Metal Dedicated Server

A bare metal server is a physical server for a single tenant. In other words, it works to serve a single client without sharing its resources with other clients/companies. The server’s tenant is able to optimize the server so that it meets his requirements in performance, security and reliability.

Nowadays, no one is shielded from the risk of cyber attack. Having a bare metal server solution that is secure and customizable is a great way to greatly minimize the risk of becoming a victim of cyber attack. Exabytes is committed to offering its valued customers a unique server solution that delivers.

The Benefits of Bare Metal Servers



Your single-tenant physical server’s resources can be customized and optimized for your unique workloads so that it performs strictly to your requirements.

Security and Privacy

A bare metal server can ensure physical isolation of your data, applications and other resources, and offer you a higher level of privacy and security than a virtual server.



As you no longer share server resources with other tenants, the “noisy neighbor effect” will too be no longer applicable.


In today’s digital age, speed is a major concern. Your server can be ready in 4 hours after an order is placed.

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Our server can be ready in 4 hours. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. Consultation is FREE.

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