HELM Control Panel Tour

Integrated Communication System.
Integrated Communication System

By providing a single system for all your users Helm allows you to easily keep in touch with your customers. The integrated Communication System allows you to send all your customers important notifications. Helm will handle many of your day to day communications with your customers such as sending invoices and payment reminders.

Centralized Control Panel.
Centralized Control Panel

By providing a single control panel for all your users it becomes much easier to manage your customer base. There’s no need to log into multiple locations to manage your users as every account is accessible from your administrators login, even if your customers sites are setup on remote servers.

Extensive Billing System.
Extensive Billing System

Helm allows hosts to bill for any type or number of web hosting services. Helm also allows you to automatically charge your customer for the services they use on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-time basis and offer customers multiple payment options including credit card, PayPal, check and bank transfer.


Helm lets you generate reports for reseller, customer and domain bandwidth usage over specified periods. This expands on the basic statistics that cover two default time periods.