There are pros and cons in changing your website domain name to a new one. Changing of domain name often aims to create memorable online branding and in some cases, improve search engine rankings. However, bear in mind that changing your domain name may cause you to lose traffic or hurt your website SEO.


So what are the strategies to avoid SEO pitfall when changing your website domain name?

1. Set up 301-redirects

Setting up 301-redirect can take your website visitors to the new page when they type in your old website address. You will need 301-redirect to link the two websites together immediately. This can also prevent two same websites to be from being penalized for having duplicate content.

Moreover, it is best to create redirects on a page by page basis even if it is more time consuming than a site-wide redirect. This not only maintain the individual page authority transfer, it allows all of the pages to show up reindexed a lot faster.

2. Notify search engines

You need to inform search engines about your changes in domain name. You may use Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and others to submit both of your old sitemap and your new sitemap. This will help Google to apply changes to your websites more quickly.

3. Build links

You should also keep an eye out for broken links and correct them as soon as possible. Start building up your content and be newsworthy. These efforts can help you rebuild links to your new website.

4. Tell your followers

Build up the content of your new site and notify people about the changes. Take advantage of your social media channels, email list, and blog so that they get used to the new URL.

Keep in mind…

Lastly, and very importantly, you must backup your site before you perform any major website changes. You do not want to lose everything when you come across an unfixable problems.


Don’t panic and give it a little time to adjust when you see a temporary change in SEO. As time passes, you should see positive outcomes if you’re attentive to all the SEO pitfalls you may experience, and take time to make things right.

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