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Reduce Website Cost with 25% recurring commission

Refer customer to us and enjoy up to 25% recurring commission for hosting and domains signup!

Refer A Customer To Us And Start To Earn Commission

Hosting and domain cost are always an obstacle for web developers. Reducing these cost are always better. Read the tables below for detail information.

Let’s assume that the client you refer registered a yearly plan and make recurring payment yearly. Here is what you will earn every year.

  • Plans & Commissions
  • All Shared Hosting Plans -
    25% one time
    All Shared Hosting Plans -
    25% one time
  • All WordPress Plans - 25% one timeAll WordPress Plans - 25% one time
  • All VPS Plans - 6% one timeAll VPS Plans - 6% one time
  • All Dedicated Server Plans - 6%All Dedicated Server Plans - 6%
  • Products
  • All Shared Hosting Plans -
    25% one time
    Windows SSD Web Hosting -
    EBiz Gold Pro
  • All WordPress Plans - 25% one timeWordPress Geek
  • All VPS Plans - 6% one timeWindows SSD VPS 8
  • All Dedicated Server Plans - 6%Instant Dedicated Server - Ultimate
  • Prices
  • All Shared Hosting Plans -
    25% one time
  • All WordPress Plans - 25% one timeS$1,536.00
  • All VPS Plans - 6% one timeS$2,880.00
  • All Dedicated Server Plans - 6%S$5,628.00
  • You Earn
  • All Shared Hosting Plans -
    25% one time
  • All WordPress Plans - 25% one timeS$384.00
  • All VPS Plans - 6% one timeS$172.80
  • All Dedicated Server Plans - 6%S$337.68

* Licence fee excluded.

Enjoy the Highest Commission Payout in Asia!

We offer the highest commission payout in Asia, no kidding! Getting highest commission means to save more when you developed a website. And our payout is not limited to one time payout, it is a recurring payout! When customer make a payment or renewal, you also get to earn commission as well

  • Web Hosting PlansWeb Hosting Plans
  • VPS and Server PlanVPS and Server Plan
  • DomainsDomains
  • Exabytes
  • Web Hosting Plans25% (Recurring)
  • VPS and Server Plan6% (Recurring)
  • DomainsFix S$5 (Recurring)
  • Company V
  • Web Hosting Plans20% (Recurring)
  • VPS and Server Plan5% (Recurring)
  • DomainsN/A
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Self referrals are not allowed. All self referral commissions will be eliminated.
  2. Commission will only payout every 30 days.
  3. If the referral request on refund between 30 days, the commission for that referral will also being removed.
  4. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  5. Minimum commission payout is S$150.
  6. For enquiries, please contact us.